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How paid surveys work

Paid surveys are ways that companies can get the opinion of their customers. When a company would like to launch a new product or improve an existing one they often will see what their target market thinks of their new proposition. These companies will work with market research firms in order to get their survey out to persons in their target market. The company will specify what demographic they are looking for and then the market research company will send their survey out to their members that fit into the demographic. The company pays the market research firm and then the market research firm pays you. Often times before starting a survey, members will have to complete a short 1-2 minute questionnaire to see if they fit into the target demographic of the company looking for the information. If the member fits they will then start the survey and earn however much the survey way paying. If the member does not qualify oftentimes they are given an entry into a sweepstakes or some other small reward for their time.

How to start

In order to begin one must simply sign up with a reputable company and complete the initial surveys to place the user in a demographic. A reasonable expectation is that one can make an extra $10-$20 a month per survey program they join. In order to maximize earnings it is advisable to join several firms, assuming they are legitimate. In addition you must make sure that the firms are currently looking for members in your area. Using the links on our website to read reviews of companies and view offers for you location is a great way to start.

Paid Survey Membership Sites

There are some websites that will attempt to make you pay money in order to gain access to their programs. Oftentimes these websites are simply charging you for a list of links to market research firms. It is advisable not to join these since they are trying to charge you for something that we are providing you for free.

Paid Survey Scams – How to Avoid Them

While beginning my search for websites to join I almost fell prey to what many people call scams. I was at a website with a fancy webpage detailing how the person was able to live full-time off of paid survey income from the comfort of his/her own home. I was quite close to actually paying this website for a chance to do this also. However, after reading something at the bottom of the page I decided against it. What I read was that the company I was joining actually had nothing to do with the people who would actually be paying me. This lead me to believe that they were simply offering middleman services and charging me for something that I could do myself. After that I decided to venture off on my own in order to find these websites myself and save the $30. The main thing to remember when avoiding paid survey scams is that you should not have to pay in order to get paid. None of the websites that will actually be paying you charge for membership to their program, so if you are being asked to pay something in all likelihood the website you join will just be giving you a list.

Earning Steady Cash from Paid Surveys

One great thing about paid surveys is that they present an opportunity for members to make a steady stream of cash. The way members can take advantage of this is by being consistent in their efforts and by updating their member profile.

In order to earn a stead stream of cash, you need to make sure that you are consistently receiving invitations from the companies you have signed up with. One way to accomplish this is to fill out your profile surveys. These are important because they will place you into a demographic and allow you to receive invitations questionnaires directed at those in your demographic. This can help you to get a stream of cash coming your way from the surveys.

Another thing that will help you earn steady income would be to organize your invitations and check for new one often. There are some programs that send surveys to your email and those who have them in their members section of the website. If the program is one that sends them via email, it would be a smart decision to have some sort of folder or special email address just for paid survey invitations. This will allow you to make sure you do not miss invites and are consistent in your completion. This is also important because some invitations may be time or response limited, meaning that once a certain amount of people have answered or a certain amount of time has passed the opportunity will be closed.

If the program is one where you must log in and take surveys it is important that you check back often for invitations. I am somewhat more of a fan of these programs because it gives member more control over when they take surveys and which ones they take. The method that I like with regard to these type of programs is checking them often, but only taking a one or two surveys each time I check back. This allows me to only pick the most lucrative surveys while limiting the amount of time I spend. In addition this makes it easier for me to take a more steady approach to taking the surveys by only taking a few per week, instead of taking them all at once and then having nothing to do.

These two suggestions will ensure that you are able to receive more surveys and be sure that you take the ones that are most worth your time.

Finding a Legitimate Paid Survey Company

There are a wide variety of paid survey companies online to choose from, however in order to find legitimate ones there are certain things that I like to see before joining. The main thing I look for is the company’s privacy policy. Legitimate companies will have a privacy policy that members can check in order to see how the information provided will be used. If a website did not have some sort of privacy policy that would be a deterrent from me joining their program.

Another thing that I like to see (some may disagree with me on this) but are actual forms of guaranteed payment on the website. Many people are drawn to the allure of large sweepstakes and drawings. I am not one of them, I prefer programs where you are guaranteed some sort of compensation, other that sweepstakes entries. I am a member of some programs that pay via sweepstakes, but I usually limit the amount of time I spend on those programs.

Those are the two main things I look for before joining a program.

Paid Surveys Online and Offline

Earning money online is something that many people strive for. Taking surveys is a very easy and simple way to do that. People can simply sit at the computer fill out questionnaires and receive cash and prizes for their time. Most people simply look for the online opportunities and ignore the offline ones. However, another way to make money deals with offline surveys that are often conducted. These are usually called focus groups. The way it works is that a market research company will select a target group of individuals whose opinions are important to the company they are conducting the research for.

Next the market research firm will select individuals that fit into the category of this target market and see if they are available to participate in a focus group. These individuals will usually all meet at a specified place and time with someone who will facilitate the discussion and hand out the questionnaires to be filled out. These focus groups may be harder to get into and be conducted much less often than the online surveys, but they will be more lucrative to those involved.

While these types of surveys are more of a hassle to complete, they often pay more for the individual’s time and are a great way to add income.

Paid Surveys for Stay at Home Moms

Stay at home moms can benefit from paid surveys due to the low amount of effort that needs to be exerted and the convenience of being able to work from your computer. Stay at home moms can use paid surveys as a way to earn extra income from their computer. One main benefit is the convenience and flexibility that allows stay at home moms to complete the surveys at their convenience and in the comfort of their own home. Most companies have a several day window of time when you can take the survey and still be compensated for it, which allows the person to do this at their own leisure. In order for moms to start taking surveys there are several steps that need to be followed.

  1. Begin the search for a reputable company. Here is a good place to start.
  2. Choose one or more depending on how much time you have to spend.
  3. Create either a separate email address for the invitations, or create a filter that sends them all to a folder.
  4. Attempt to allot a certain amount of time per day at a specified time to complete the questionnaires


Following these steps stay at home moms can start earning from their computer almost immediately. One program that specifically has a panel for moms is Ipsos I-say Panel for Moms

Paid Survey Rewards Programs

There are a variety of ways that members get rewarded for the surveys they take. Some of these include checks, gift cards, prizes, sweepstakes entries and payment via paypal. This is one of the most important factors to review before deciding whether to join the company.

Personally I enjoy programs that pay by check or paypal. I enjoy these forms because these forms of payment are more flexible and allow me more choice over what I use it for. I would rank paypal the best form because it usually pays quickest and can be redeemed in a variety of online stores or transferred to a bank account. Check is also a great way to receive payment but it usually takes longer to receive the payment because it is often sent through snail mail Global Test Market is a program that pays via check.

The other forms of payment are prizes, gift cards and sweepstakes. Prizes can be useful but only if the programs has a large variety of products to choose from. MySurvey has a huge database of prizes to choose from when members elect to redeem their points. Often the prizes may be more worthwhile if you redeem directly for the prize, versus redeeming cash and then using to purchase the product retail. Gift cards can be a worthwhile prize, but it is important to check what stores the gift cards can be used for. Gift cards for places such as amazon are good locations because you can use them to purchase many different products. Opinion World is a company that offers rewards via amazon gift cards. Sweepstakes are one of my lesser favorite rewards programs. I would rather be guaranteed a smaller payment than have a chance to get a large payment. Most programs that offer sweepstakes and drawings also have other methods of payment. One company that has sweepstakes and rewards is NPDOR.

Why Paid Surveys Have the Repuation for Being Scams

I have read many times that paid surveys are a scam. My own experience is contrary to this claim, I have received payment from numerous programs and have had a positive experience with paid survey companies. Many of these claims probably arise because of the websites that charge people for membership and then provide them only with links to other websites. While they may have links to legitimate websites, it may be deceptive to make people think that they will be actually paying you while all they are doing is referring you to websites that will pay you. I avoid these programs that cost money to join and prefer to simply join the market research companies directly. These websites are the reason for the reputation of paid surveys being scams. In reality, actual paid survey companies are a completely different thing that should not be confused with these other “middle man” websites.

Another type of website that may give rise to the reputation of these programs being scams are those that collect your information and sell it to other companies. These type of websites may be free to sign up with, but will collect information from you and attempt to get you to sign up with other offers during the registration process.

It is important to note that the websites we list and review are neither of these and should not be confused with the aforementioned type of scams.

Paid Surveys for Teens

Taking paid surveys online is an easy way for teens to make extra money at home. Most paid survey programs accept members that are 14 or over. Teen paid survey takers are in somewhat high demand because companies may feel as if they are more in touch with current trends and can provide more valuable insight. Here are some websites that accept teen members. Like all the other websites listed all these are completely free to join.

Global Test Market Accepts members that are over the age of 14

MySurvey Accepts members that are over the age of 14

Toluna Accepts members that are over the age of 13

Paid Survey Tips

Never pay to be paid – Paying to sign up with a company is something I have always avoided. Several of these companies will just be selling you a list that could be found for free on the internet (ex: on this website).

Realize what your time is worth – Paid survey programs often have different average payments per survey and different average length of time per survey. It is important to keep track of your earnings relative to the time you put in and calculate a standardized way of representing the profitability of the program. What I like to do is look at a survey on a potential earnings per hour basis and then decided whether taking the survey is worth my time.

Create a filter to separate paid survey invitations into a folder – I like filter survey invitations into a specific folder in order to organize them and be able to quickly switch from survey to survey. Also this reduces the chance of missing survey invitations

Have Autofill your toolbar- This helps filling out forms a lot quicker and increases your earnings relative to time spent.

Increase the amount of surveys you take – This can be done in several ways. May programs offers surveys to place members into demographics, which in turn will mean they can be targeted for more survey offers. In addition signing up with numerous websites can allow you to be invited to take more surveys.